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Gaining access and mobility around your home no longer has to be a struggle with Guardian Stairlifts. This is not only applicable to your mobility indoors, but outside too. Steep driveways or steps in the garden no longer have to be an issue.
More and more people are able to regain mobility outdoors with our outdoor stairlift which can be installed on your driveway or garden.

Aside from the element of weather protection, the standard outdoor stairlift comes with all the same features found on the straight model.

Outside stairlifts: What is included?

Get in contact with us today and speak to one of our stairlift advisors on 0800 133 7632 you will receive a free no obligation quote tailored to your needs.

We understand the importance of efficiency once you’ve placed an order with us. Our team - with years of experience under their belt - will always been on hand to help and will ensure a no-fuss installation of the stairlift to your home without any structural change required.

What is included with every outside stairlift?

  • With years of experience we understand that comfort is of utmost importance to our customers.
  • Every straight stairlift comes with a soft padded seat and comfy backrest which provides maximum support for the user.
  • A waterproof safety lock which is deactivated by key.
  • A seat belt fitted as standard.
  • Swivel seat to allow easy exit from the lift without discomfort.
  • Easy-to-use two direction switch (up and down).
  • The Stairlift is installed directly to your stairs and plugs into a standard electrical socket.
  • The Stairlift seat, arms and footrest are foldable.
  • Five safety sensors on the footrest and carriage to immediately stop the lift at any point if there is an obstruction on your staircase.
  • Two remote controls to call the lift up or down.

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