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Stairlift Suppliers Braintree

Phenomenal Stairlift Suppliers Braintree Area

We are stairlift suppliers of the highest quality to the Braintree area supporting over 50,000 residents.

Located in Essex, the town has two prominent rivers splitting it up and is a prominent market town.

The Bocking Windmill and the public gardens are two must see attractions in Braintree.

Guardian are proud to supply quality products to these areas of the town.

Because our stairlifts aren't drilled into your wall, simply guided along a separate standing track so there is no mess and no loud drilling going on.

If you think our machines are a high cost to run, think again!

it takes about the same amount of electricity to boil your kettle because our batteries are cutting edge.

There are many benefits to going with us but a big one if the amount of choice we have when it comes to selecting your stairlift.

We can also have your stairlift installed whenever suits you, we can even offer you next day installation.

£1,395 is the cheapest you'll find in the entire South East as we try to be the most competitive for our quality of products.

Guardian offer flexible finance to spread the cost of your purchase if you desperately need a stairlift but don't have that kind of money.

Guardian stairliftsOur Guarantees To Our Braintree Customers

There are a lot of safety features that go into our premium products but you can rest easy with a quality seat belt keeping you in place.
We will only offer you stairlifts that we think are right for your budget and situation we want what is best for you.
You will only deal with us directly and we won't push you away to talk to any third party companies