Stairlifts Liverpool

Look no further for a stairlift installation in Liverpool, we have local installers in and around Liverpool.


No matter where your home is we can install a stairlift at your home in Liverpool.


Guardian Stairlifts can help you through the entire process of having a stairlift installed.


We offer a free home assessment of your home at no obligation, presenting you with a full quote on a tailored stairlift for your stairs at your home in Liverpool.


Guardian Stairlifts supply and install new stairlifts in Liverpool and the surrounding areas and districts. 


Call our friendly team today for more information or by completing our simple and convenient online quote form, we can provide you with a fast, free quotation in no time at all - 0800 133 7632




Finding the perfect stairlift for your home in Liverpool will help you comfortably and safely navigate the stairs without a second doubt. 

A stairlift will provide comfort and safety when navigating your stairs in Liverpool. 


This will not only give you more time and energy to do the things you love most, but it takes away the stress. 


You’ll no longer have to worry about using the bathroom or going down the stairs to get your glasses. 

The stairs will no longer be a nuisance and you’ll have complete freedom in your home.


When selecting the type of stairlift you would like in your home, we understand it's about your needs and finding the best solution that suits you and your family.


No matter what borough you are located in, we cover the entire area of Liverpool If you would like some more information or to arrange a free, no-obligation quote for any of our stairlifts please contact us on our free telephone number  0800 133 7632


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Straight stairlifts Liverpool 

A straight stairlift is designed to travel in a single direct direction up and down your stairwell in Liverpool. 

Many people in Liverpool can benefit from a straight stairlift, their simplicity and fast installation can quickly restore mobility to the home.

Our free home survey will provide you with full information about a straight stairlift installation at your home in Liverpool.

Curved stairlifts Liverpool

Due to the huge amount of different structural building types, curved stairlifts are a popular choice in Swansea and many residents benefit from having these types of stairlifts installed on their stairwell.

Slightly more complex than a straight stairlift, a curved stairlift will travel around bends and curves on your stairs ensuring safe and smooth travel as it takes you up and down.

Our free home assessment is designed to find and match the perfect curved stairlift which is bespoke for your curved staircase, call our home survey team today for more information.

Outdoor stairlifts Liverpool

An outdoor stairlift can return mobility to your garden or outside space at your home, Many Liverpool residents have benefited from an outdoor stairlift as they allow fast direct movement to rooms and areas that have become increasingly hard to reach due to disability. 

Here at Guardian, we offer the full range of outdoor lifts, the free home survey will display you with all of the option available, helping you to find the perfect outdoor stairlift that meets all of your requirements




Many small straight staircases can be found in Halton, you can rest assured that our technicians will find the perfect stairlift that can be tailored to fit your staircase , providing enough room for safe travel up and down your stairs. Call our customer service team today for a free no obligation quote on your staircase 0800 133 7632.
Our free home survey provides a bespoke opportunity for our expert surveyor to draw a tailored plan to match and tailor a stairlift that can fit your bendy stairwell. You will be pleased to know that we are not restricted and have fitted many stairlifts on curved staircases in the Wirral borough. Call our friendly team today, the home assessment is free and will provide you with options to assist you with mobility in your home. 0800 133 7632.