Living room with stairs

Anyone who uses a stairlift knows the independence it provides them in the home.

This invention from the 1920s has developed into an important fixture for those dealing with mobility issues.

Nowadays, fitting a stairlift is a lot easier because they now cater to all types of staircases. Modern stairlifts meet high-quality standards and this makes them a safe option for those that look to move freely up and down their stairs.

There is, of course, a need for many to be more mobile in the home without relying on others to do so. An individual gains relief when it comes to mobility by getting a stairlift installed.

Fit a stairlift on narrow stairs
Envato Elements – Fit a stairlift on narrow stairs

Can stairlifts be fitted to any stairs?

Any stairs that require a stairlift need to be properly assessed and measured before they are approved for installation.

An open bannister or bannister with spindles is a safety hazard. A stairlift user could slip on the footrests and fall between the gaps of the spindles.

A doorway or passageway at the top or bottom of the stairs could also block stairlift access.

Fortunately, there are ways around this.

Straight stairs are the easiest to install as there are fewer parts that need installing.

Curved stairlifts require a rail that can bend or curve around a set of stairs.

When the time comes to install a stairlift on narrow stairs. One important aspect is to ensure the staircase is wide enough.

Can you fit a stairlift on narrow stairs? How wide do they need to be?

When the time comes to install a stairlift on narrow stairs, stair width is a common problem.

A width of around 750mm (29”) is required if a stairlift is going to fit comfortably.

These measurements will make sure it is safe to do so.

A great way to check if you can install one is to take an average size dining room chair. 

Place it at the bottom of your stairs on the floor, with the back of your chair against the wall.

Sit in your chair and check that you are sitting comfortably with enough room between your legs and the wall in front of you.

Can you fit a stairlift if you have trouble sitting?

People who struggle to bend their knees and hips often have trouble with standing up and sitting down.

There are standing stairlifts or perched stairlifts available for people who come across these problems which are a great alternative if you have narrow stairs.

The only issue with these types of stairlifts is that you need good balance as the movement can make some people feel dizzy. 

For people who suffer from arthritis and have difficulty moving their fingers – pressing buttons can become difficult – stairlifts can also be installed with toggle controls.

The great thing about stairlifts is they can be installed in most people’s homes fuss-free and they have a range of features to suit the majority of people’s needs. If you are interested in finding out more about stairlifts, why not get in touch with us here?

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